Ergo Lightweight Pushchair

For 8+ years, having grown out of the Major Elite.

For the child who is too big for a Maclaren Major Elite but still needs something to get around in, even if only occasionally. And where you want it to quietly serve your needs not dominate your every trip out.

For you this pushchair delivers a smart, practical solution to make everyday trips easier.

For your child the ergonomic seat with safety harness provides mobility with comfort and security.

Supplied with Safety Harness – £349 + VAT (0%)

Supplied with Safety Harness and Extended Headrest – £385 + VAT (0%)

(inc. delivery to UK mainland)






If the Ergo Lightweight Pushchair were for an adult then it would be called an ‘attendant operated transit wheelchair’ but this is for a child, and a seat with wheels which is pushed with a child in it is a pushchair. The difference between a pushchair and a wheelchair is really much about the occupant, although most agree that self propelling wheelchairs with large rear wheels are still wheelchairs when used by a child. Other key differences are whether it has a harness; pushchairs always have a built in harnesses wheelchairs don’t, and I think separate footplates also lean more towards what one might think of as a wheelchair.

So the Ergo Lightweight Pushchair is really somewhere between a pushchair and a wheelchair, the convenience, security and user friendliness of a pushchair but yes in many ways it looks like a wheelchair. We make this point because we know that many parents want to avoid a wheelchair for their child either because of the ‘wheelchair’ label or because, let’s be frank, many wheelchairs are very rudimentary, unsightly, uncomfortable and impractical.

The Ergo Lightweight Pushchair will make you re-think your opinion of wheelchairs.

The age range for the Ergo Lightweight Pushchair is determined by the childs size and in particular reflects the length of the childs legs. For guidance this could be from a 7 year old with an upper age of perhaps 14. The seat is much deeper than that on the Major Elite, a child is less ‘perched’ on the seat so the lower leg length does not have to be substantially longer. That is not to say that a child with a shorter lower leg will not fit, however they may not reach the footrests to begin with and they may need a cushion behind them to pack out the seat a little. We think that this is the next stage on from the Major Elite which we would expect a child to be outgrowing at say 8-9 years.

The structurally robust and surprising rigid aluminium frame is approved for a occupant weighing up to 100kg however we would expect that someone of this size would need a seat wider than the 41cm model (16″) we supply.

The S-Ergo Seat is a curved ergonomic design which helps to resist sliding, provides pressure relief, improves posture and comfort. The lightly padded seat fabric contains Aegis microbe shield permanently bonded antimicrobial barrier.

The Safety Harness is fitted around the metal framework for security but as a ‘floating’ harness. Unlike a built-in harness, it is not limited by the height of the shoulder strap fixing point. When you first use your Ergo Lightweight Pushchair it does take a few minutes to fit and adjust the Safety Harness so that it is appropriate for the size of your child, but once done then it is done and everyday use is just a single quick release clip to operate. The Safety Harness is designed as just that a safety harness it is not for ‘restraint’. If the child is an ‘escapologist’ who will attempt to escape from a harness then you may need a more substantial harness including a crotch strap, for example a Crelling Harness. If so please contact us for a price for an Ergo Lightweight Wheelchair without a Safety Harness.

It comes with a 2 Year Frame Warranty (1 year other parts) which covers defects of manufacture or component not ‘wear and tear’. The lifetime of the Ergo Lightweight Pushchair may be significantly reduced if the child is not a co-operative occupant. We do not recommend the Ergo Lightweight Pushchair for a child with challenging behaviour, the heavier duty Trotter pushchair may be more suitable.

For a child requiring postural support you can use a seat insert with the Ergo Lightweight Pushchair, for example a Stabilo or BodyMap Vacuum Support Cushion System.

Dual rear brakes can be operated by the person pushing to either control the pushchair or lock into a parked position. These are not accessible by the child.

We can supply a range of accessories for the Ergo Lightweight Pushchair – Headrest Extension, Lambskin Comfort Liner, Wheely Mac, Footmuff and Rucksack style Storage Bag, plus a Travel Bag. There isn’t a Rain Cover which will fit, we recommend the Wheely Mac.

The Ergo Lightweight Pushchair has relatively small wheels, 15cm front and 33cm rear, which are best suited to smooth surfaces, it will struggle off road or with a larger child even on a cobbled street (see our other pushchairs, e.g. Advance Mobility Independence) so it is essentially an urban pushchair. The larger 20″ rear wheels on the Ergo Lightweight Wheelchair may be a little more free rolling on a bumpy surface but the difference is small. The relatively small ‘footprint’ of the Ergo Lightweight Pushchair makes it much more suitable than the other pushchairs for use around town, inside shops or other places indoors, e.g. School.

The Key Features:

6″ swivel front wheels

  • good maneuverability in small places
  • small wheels unsuitable for rough surfaces
  • hard wheels no suspension
  • not lockable

13″ rear wheels

  • foam filled so puncture proof
  • foam filling provides some shock absorption
  • larger wheels more ‘free rolling’ (easier to push & more comfortable) over ruts and bumps

Removable & Adjustable footrests

  • three levels of adjustment
  • can be removed or turned out to the sides
  • do not need to be removed before folding

S-Ergo Seat

  • curved ergonomic design improves posture and comfort
  • fixed angle not adjustable


  • contoured and padded for comfort

High Capacity

  • maximum weight limit 200, 100kg (but check dimensions)

Lightweight but robust aluminium frame

  • only 9kg
  • 2 year frame warranty
  • 1 year warranty on wheels, fabrics, footrests & other parts

Compact Folding

Control & Parking Brake

  • dual rear wheel brakes operated by hand levers
  • three stage progressive brake system allows gradual deceleration on gradients


  • there is a small pocket on the rear of the seat
  • a Rucksack style rear bag is available as an optional accessory

Low Maintenance

  • wipe clean (sponge-able) fabrics
  • tough plastic non pneumatic wheels (no punctures!)

VAT Free

  • eligible for VAT relief when purchased for a child with special needs


There is a range of accessories for the Ergo Lightweight Pushchair:

Headrest Extension
Lambskin Comfort Liner
Wheely Cosy Footmuff
Travel Bag
Trabasack Lap Desk
Calf Support
Tray Desk
Anti-tipping Levers
Extension Handles
Kerb Assist Lever
Lap Belt
Winged Headrest

The Ergo Lightweight Pushchair is not ‘Crash Tested’ it cannot be used for transporting a child in a vehicle, however we can supply a very similar model which is crash tested, please contact us for details.

Whilst the Ergo Lightweight Pushchair may be used for someone with special needs the seat may be unsuitable if they require postural management support, if in doubt please seek the advice of your physiotherapist.