For the child who has outgrown the Maclaren Major Elite.

If you need something larger than a standard pushchair which has more growth room than a Budget XL or a Maclaren Major Elite and is more robustly made (because the occupant has challenging behaviour or it needs to be used for transportation in a vehicle) and you don’t want to spend a fortune on it then the Trotter may be the answer for you.

If the child is a co-operative occupant then the Ergo Lightweight Pushchair may be a more practical option – lightweight and compact.

Trotter Pushchair prices:

  • 12″, 14″ and 16″ with no accessories – £349 + VAT (0%)
  • 18″ with no accessories – £399 + VAT (0%)

  (inc. delivery to UK mainland)








At one level the Trotter is basic pushchair for a larger child which is so well made that it will take the sort of punishment that an unco-operative child can give which would break a Major Elite.

It is heavier than a Major Elite but it’s that strength and stability which will give you more confidence.

Surprisingly on it’s wheels it feels like it moves more easily – because the larger wheels make it more free rolling – it’s only when you lift it that you feel the extra weight.

Growth Range

At the next level the Trotter is a basic pushchair for a larger child capable of taking a much wider range of sizes, so it may last much longer and need replacing less often as your child grows.

There are four sizes of the Trotter we focus on the model with the 14″ wide seat which covers the lower leg length of a standard 4 year old to someone over 6 feet tall (provided they are below 45kg weight).

Children often outgrow the seat and lower leg size of the Maclaren Major Elite and can seem uncomfortable and ‘perched’ in a small pushchair even though they are well within the weight limit, this may be especially true of a young person who is slim and long legged.

There is even an optional headrest extension for the longer upper body.

For a child requiring postural support you can use a seat insert with the Trotter, for example a BodyMap or Stabilo Vacuum Support Cushion System.

Crash Tested

Next level is if you need a piece of equipment which can be used to transport a child in a car, bus, school transport. The Trotter is tested to and complies with the necessary regulations for this use BUT you will need to buy extra accessories e.g. Headrest (for possible whiplash injury), Bus Tie Down Clips, Ankle Cuffs etc. as it is only with these fitted that the Trotter fulfils the requirements of the regulations.

This is an area we are not expert in and so far are getting varying advice on what is actually needed – the provision for wheelchairs on buses has no ‘tie down’ and simply requires rear facing in the space behind the driver, parents sometimes complain that school transport wheelchairs do not have headrests and few people use any foot restraint!

We can obtain the accessories which enable you to use the Trotter in a vehicle capable of taking a crash tested seat (i.e. only those specific to the Trotter not fittings for the vehicle).


Our primary interest is to provide equipment for occupants who can walk but not far enough or not in the direction to want!

We do not specifically target occupants whose physical needs are more complex, we do not have the training or expertise or, as a mail order company, the opportunity to do this.

Top level use of the Trotter is for occupants who require more support – but this is more about their ability to maintain their seated posture, to use the pushchair, than any support which is clinically appropriate for their condition.

So if you are interested in the Trotter but need to customise it for specific physical needs then we recommend that you seek the advice of a professional OT.

The Key Features:


  • 12″ model – maximum weight limit 5 stone, 34 kg
  • 14″ model – maximum weight limit 7 stone, 45 kg
  • 16″ model – maximum weight limit 12 stone, 77 kg
  • 18″ model – maximum weight limit 18 stone, 113.4 kg

Long Warranty, robust steel frame

  • Lifetime Warranty frame & cross braces (see conditions)
  • One Year other items, excludes wear & tear to tyres and grips
  • CE marked and has been tested by the factory to ISO 7176/8
    …14″ seat model weighs 15kg, there are other similar products out there weighing maybe 20% less ! but they cost a lot more…much more

Crash Tested

Compact folding

  • folds fairly compactly – but long (see Trotter Specifications)
  • with the footrests in the right position the Trotter will stand upright when folded

10″ rear & 8″ front wheels

  • free rolling on an urban surface
  • puncture proof (not air filled)
  • flexible solid tyres give some shock absorption

Low maintenance

  • wipe clean (sponge-able) fabrics
  • flexible plastic non pneumatic wheels (no punctures !)

Adjustable footrests

  • 16 positions, a huge range
  • 12″ model, #cm – #cm (#” – #”)
  • 14″ model, 22cm – 58cm (9″ – 23″)
  • 16″ model, #cm – # cm (#” – #”)
  • 18″ model, #cm – #cm (#” – #”)
    …simple quick release pins

Adjustable seat depth

  • 12″ model, 30cm – 35cm (12″ – 14″)
  • 14″ model, 33cm – 38cm (13″ – 15″)
  • 16″ model, 35cm – 41cm (14″ – 16″)
  • 18″ model, 38cm – 43cm (15″ – 17″)
    …simply press button

Adjustable seat back and & seat base angles

  • seat back angle – 15 or 22 degrees
  • seat back to base angle – 85 or 90 or 95 degrees
    …requires removing and re-fitting some bolts see Trotter User Manual (page 4)

Five point adjustable height harness

  • 7 height position shoulder strap adjustment, easy to adjust
  • 4 position crotch strap
  • includes reversible (velour/fake fur) soft harness covers on shoulder waist and crotch strap – removable and washable

Parking brake

  • heavy duty adjustable dual rear wheel parking brakes

Kerb assist lever

  • tread on the lever to help lift the front end up over a kerb or step

Storm cover

  • we can supply a storm cover with the 12″ & 14″ models
  • no storm covers for the 16″ & 18″ models but there is an alternative Canopy accessory available for all models
    …storm cover only suitable for shorter occupants – limited head room


  • Shopping/Storage bag available as an optional accessory (fits onto the rear of the seat)

VAT Free

  • eligible for VAT relief when purchased for someone with special needs


Whilst the Trotter may be used for someone with special needs the seat may be unsuitable if they require postural management support, if in doubt please seek the advice of your physiotherapist.