Double Pushchairs

Sometimes we receive requests from customers looking for a double special needs pushchair.

We are not able to supply a double buggy ourselves but we hope the following suggestions may help you (warning some of these products are very costly).

We do not endorse any directly, nor do we benefit from any of these companies by providing these links.

If you have any other suggestions to add to this list then please contact us.


Activate for Kids Tandem Buggy

The Tandem Buggy has been designed to cater for the needs of families that have a child with special needs and a younger sibling.


Buggy Pod

Buggypod transforms your Single buggy(including some single Special needs buggies) from a one-seater to a two-seater.


Chariot Carriers

Quality double carriers slightly larger than a standard double buggy. Buy a chassis then  choose either a trailer arm to attach to a bike or a wheel to convert to a buggy.


Double Maclaren Major Elite

Designed for the larger child who has difficulty walking, Tested to 25kg in each seat, recommended for children up to the age of 7/8 years. We understand that this is not a Maclaren product but is customised from Maclaren products.


Otto Bock Kimba Inline

Whether you want to go for walks or take trips with twins or any two children of approximately the same size, a twin or sibling buggy will significantly facilitate your daily activities. Our Inline mobility base proves that buggies for twins don’t have to be unwieldy and cumbersome.¬† The Inline is just as wide as other buggies, making it the perfect solution for your space problems


Wike Special Needs Bicycle Trailers

Suppliers of specialised bicycle trailers which can be converted to buggies with the potential for transporting TWO older/larger children.