Advance Mobility Independence MAX


Regrettably the Advance Mobility Independence/Independence MAX has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

The Standard Independence supplied with a package providing maximum legroom.

The Extended Footwell extends the potential age range for which the pushchair is suitable provided the occupant is slim and lightweight so that they are not too wide for the seat or exceed the maximum weight capacity of 45kg.

The Independence MAX may be suitable for some young adults with say Cerebral Palsy where slightness of body build might commonly be a feature of the condition. It will not be suitable for a taller child of standard build as they will exceed the maximum weight capacity and be too wide for the seat.

For a child requiring postural support you can use a seat insert with the Independence MAX, for example a Stabilo or BodyMap Vacuum Support Cushion System.

Purchasing an Independence MAX may offer a preferable alternative in place of the larger Freedom model for some parents because it is a more ‘user friendly’ product – smaller in use, easier to fold, more compact for storage and transportation.

In addition to the normal Independence package:

  • Independence pushchair including Standard Footwell
  • Standard Rain Cover
  • Lambskin Comfort liner

The Independence MAX also includes the following accessories:

  • Extended Footwell which adds 5″ to the lower leg length (the distance from the base of the seat to the footplate, back of knee to sole of foot)
  • Extended Rain Cover (note that the standard rain cover will not work with the Extended Footwell)

These accessories are also available to be a purchased separately later if you just want to start with the standard Independence model.

The Independence Max pushchair is not ‘Crash Tested’ it cannot be used for transporting a child in a vehicle

If the occupant has a longer upper leg length than the pushchair’s natural 15″ deep seat can support then the Roll Cushion accessory may help in some instances.

If the occupant is unable to maintain their seated position then the Pelvic Strap may be helpful.

The Trabasack Lap Desk is also a valuable accessory which works well with the Independence Max pushchair.

For more information on the basic Independence model visit the Independence page.

Please note, this product is intended for outdoor use, due to it’s size it may not be practical for use indoors or shops.

Whilst the Advance Mobility Independence may be used for someone with special needs the hammock style seat may make it unsuitable if they require postural support. If in doubt please seek the advice of your physiotherapist.