Trotter Accessories

Storm Cover for the Trotter £36

Fits the smaller Trotter 12″ & 14″ models (TR1200 & TR1400) with the proviso that it’s use is limited to occupants within the headroom (26″, 66cm) and footrest adjustment range – say 7 years old ?

It has it’s own framework it does not need a Sun Hood to support it.

Sturdy clips attach it to the seat frame on each side, elasticated straps with hooks then secure it elsewhere.

The Storm Cover must be removed before the pushchair can be folded.

It can be folded all the way back to the handle when not in use.

A Zippered Access in the centre allows the Storm Cover to be opened without removing it. This is designed so that the child can receive whatever attention is needed. It is not designed to enable the child to get into or out of the pushchair.

In cold weather the Storm Cover can be used to create a ‘protective bubble’ from the weather…even if it is not raining !

Trotter Rucksack £34

Specially designed rucksack with additional loops to attach easily to the Trotter handles (or a wheelchair).

Detach using the Quick Release Clips or simply lift over the handles and wear it as a normal rucksack or carry as a bag with the comfortable handle.

Storage space:
• Large zippered top opening with two compartments
• Large zippered rear opening with internal pocket
• Medium zippered rear opening with zippered internal pocket and dividers
• Two outer side netting pockets (suitable for flasks or bottles)

The Rucksack has night time safety reflector fabric.

Better quality, bigger capacity and much more versatile than the Trotter Storage Bag.

Size approx.: 45cm x 34cm x 25cm (18″ x 13.5 ” x 10″)

Trotter Sun Canopy £99

Large height and width adjustable hood provides some weather protection. ‘Peep hole’ window in hood allows observation of the occupant.

Sturdy construction with metal frame is height adjustable.

Can help to create an enclosed ‘safe place’.

Fit a Privacy/UV Shade for ‘stealth mode’ to reduce sensory overload for sensitive individuals.

Trotter Headrest Extension £39

Height and width adjustable provides additional head support for taller users. Especially valuable when the Trotter is used in a vehicle, to help prevent whiplash injury during a rear end collision.

Trotter Torso Vest £39

Adjustable vest provides support and helps to maintain proper body posture and alignment. Replaces the standard built in harness supplied with the Trotter.

Designed for support…not Houdini proof !

Trotter Foot & Ankle Positioner £69

Provide adjustable support and positioning. We recommend that you take professional advice before using foot restraint straps as it may not always be good for the child.

Travel Bag for the Trotter £44

There isn’t an official travel bag for the Trotter but we can supply this heavy duty padded and lined bag for the TR1200 and TR1400 models only. It may be necessary to adjust the position of the foot rests in order to fit into the bag.

Large three sided zippered lid for easy access, twin carry handles plus extra end handles. Note that the Trotter is significantly heavier at one end making the balance point off centre from the handles (not ideal to carry !)

Size approx.: 118cm (46.5″) x 31cm (12″) x 29cm (11.5″)

Protects your Trotter from knocks & bumps in transit (especially on airlines) …but it does not protect against crushing.

We are not able to supply a Travel Bag for the larger TR1600 and TR1800 models.

Trotter Bus Transit Tie-Downs £25

Set of four brackets attach easily to the frame as location points for the straps used to tie down the Trotter when used as a transport seat in a vehicle.

Trotter Lateral Support & Scoli Strap £29

An adjustable, removable, lateral support and scoli strap, pull to one side for Scoliosis correction.

Trotter Upper Extremity Support Tray £79

Useful tray creates a ‘table’ for eating or the support of toys, books or an Ipad.

Trotter Padded Headrest Wing £29

Provides lateral support for the head. Fairly solid foam on a board base. Easy to fit

Size approx.: 30cm x 9.5cm x 8cm (12″ x 4 ” x 3″)
Curved cut out 18cm x 4cm (7″ x 1.5″)

Trotter Storage Bag £29

Attaches to the back of the Trotter seat with clips and is easily removable.

Large zippered top opening, plus separate side pocket.

Size approx.: 29cm x 34cm x 10cm (11.5″ x 13.5 ” x 4″)

Trabasack Lap Desk

The Trabasack creates a versatile desk or ‘tray’ for anyone sitting in a pushchair or wheelchair, providing a valuable space and practical surface for entertainment or work.

The Trabasack is a lap desk and travel bag with a firm flat tray surface on one side to work on, and a bean bag cushion which moulds itself comfortably to the shape of your lap or uneven surface on the other.

The various strap options and numerous attachment points make it ideal for attaching to a pushchair or wheelchair to stop it slipping off your lap or storing away/carrying when not in use.

Supplied with:

2 x Long Straps with quick release buckles, use both as shoulder straps or one as a messenger bag, or one around the waist when sitting

2 x Shorter Straps, use either side to attach to a pushchair or wheelchair frame.

Available in Orange, Red, Blue or Pink.