Maclaren Major Elite Accessories

Lambskin Comfort Liner £44

100% Natural Lambskin shorn to an even pile for comfort and ease of use (fewer tangles).

Designed to fit the larger seats on the Independence, Liberty & Baby Jogger Freedom models. It will also fit the Maclaren Major Elite.

It has holes at three levels for the shoulder harness straps.At the top of the Lambskin Comfort Liner are ties enabling it to be secured to the handles on the more upright seat on the Maclaren Major Elite

Size approx. 40″ x 14″(102cm x 36cm)

Wheely Mac £29

Works with the Major Elite, Budget XL and Trotter pushchairs for a child who does not like being enclosed in a Rain Cover or Storm Cover, or a child who has outgrown the headroom of those products. Can also be used on a Wheelchair.

Head to Toe protection from wind and rain. You can use the sleeves or have the child’s arms inside the Wheely Mac. A drawstring around the hood and velcro cuffs help keep your child as cosy as possible.

The Wheely Mac does not have a back so it is compatible with a five point harness. Two sizes:

  • Small, 2 years to 6 years – elasticated base fits around footplate in middle position but NOT attached at top of pushchair and the flap at the rear is not over the back of the seat so not fully protective
  • Large, 7 years to 10 years – elasticated base fits footplate in lowest position. Holes at the rear fit over the pushchair handles and rear flap is over top of pushchair seat

Maclaren Major Elite Sun Hood £36

Large Sun Hood provides protection from direct overhead sunlight.

The Sun Hood must be removed before the pushchair can be folded.

The Major Elite Sun Hood is needed to support the Maclaren Rain Cover (although we can supply an alternative Storm Cover which does not need a Sun Hood for support).

IMPORTANT. Feedback from a few customers has brought to our attention that the sun hood height of 117cm (46″) may cause visibility problems. When the rain cover is fitted this may pull the front down a little. For some people it is possible to see where you are going through the viewing panel at the rear of the sun hood….for others the alternative Storm Cover may be preferable.

Maclaren Major Elite Rain Cover £30

Quality PVC Rain Cover needs a Maclaren Sun Hood for support. It must be removed before folding the pushchair.

In cold weather the Rain Cover can be used to create a ‘protective bubble’ from the weather…even if it is not raining !

We supply the Rain Cover in a storage pouch to help you keep it in good condition.

See also the alternative Storm Cover below.

Storm Cover for the Maclaren Major Elite £36

This is not a Maclaren product, but it is designed specially for the Major Elite.

It has it’s own framework so it does not need a Sun Hood to support it.

Sturdy clips attach it to the seat frame on each side, elasticated straps with hooks then secure it elsewhere.

The Storm Cover must be removed before the pushchair can be folded.

It can be folded all the way back to the handle when not in use.

A Zippered Access in the centre allows the Storm Cover to be opened without removing it. This is designed so that the child can receive whatever attention is needed. It is not designed to enable the child to get into or out of the pushchair.

In cold weather the Storm Cover can be used to create a ‘protective bubble’ from the weather…even if it is not raining !

Measurements: Floor to highest point of Storm Cover = 1.2m (47″) Seat Top to Storm Cover = 12cm (5″)

Maclaren Major Elite Seat Liner £44

2 x Maclaren Major Elite Reversible Seat Liners £79

Padded Seat Liner fits securely over the Maclaren Major Elite seat. It has holes for the harness shoulder and crotch straps and is fixed with poppers at the rear.

Helps to protect against underseat cooling.

Red or Blue

Machine Washable but do not Tumble Dry, and if helps you to manage life better then we can supply two Seat Liners at a reduced price.

100% Polyester

Maclaren Major Elite Shopping Basket £24

For the odd bit of shopping or to carry an extra coat or perhaps a picnic for the park ?

Not really large or substantial enough for anything too heavy. e.g medical equipment.

Does not need to be removed before folding the pushchair (although may need to be emptied of it’s contents).

Size approx.:

WIDTH = Rear – 15″ (38cm), Front – 13″ (33cm)
LENGTH = Side – 11″ (28cm)
DEPTH = Rear – 7″ (17cm), Front – 3″ (7cm)

Maclaren Major Elite Lateral Supports £44

Moulded Polystyrene blocks in fabric covers fix securely to the frame with poppers.

Size approx.

38cm (15″) x 15cm (6″) tapering to 5cm (2″) x 4cm (1.5″)

Provides protection from bumping against the frame on the sides of the seat, reduces the seat width for the smaller child.

Fabric covers can be removed and are machine washable, but do not tumble dry.

100% Polyester

Maclaren Major Elite Footmuff £55

A seated child who is not moving is not generating heat to keep themselves warm, the padded footmuff helps to protect a child from the worst of the cold.

Poppers onto the frame Maclaren Major Elite seat so it won’t slip off.

On bitter days it can be beneficial to use a Maclaren Rain Cover or Storm Cover to provide a ‘protection bubble’ from the cold weather…even if it isn’t raining !

Machine Washable but do not Tumble Dry

100% Polyester

Maclaren Major Elite Winged Headrest £36

Soft foam filled winged headrest with either Velour fabric cover in a choice of colours, or a Wipe Clean fabric cover option

Provides some support where a child has poor neck strength/head control or for a sleeping child. Helps protect the head from the harsh seat side metal frame.

Easy to fit or remove at almost any height on the Major Elite seat, and can be moved to other seats.

A laminated foam/memory foam core gives good lateral support, stability and comfort. A sturdy strap with quick release clip holds the headrest firmly to the seat.

Size approx. 33cm (13″) x 15cm (6″) x 11cm Wings – 2cm Centre

Maclaren Major Elite Chest Pad £18

Links the two shoulder straps.

Size approx. 18cm x (7″) x 18cm (7″)

Machine Washable but do not Tumble Dry

100% Polyester

Maclaren Major Elite Insect/Privacy Net £29

As an Insect Net it provides protection from most insects (although not tiny midges).

As a Privacy Net it provides a barrier to the outside world (albeit light and see through) and can help create a sheltered or ‘safe’ space for a child who suffers from sensory overload in crowded situations. The occupant can see out but is partly shielded from unwanted attentions.

Fits easily to the Major Elite (a sun hood is required) in a similar way to the Rain Cover.

Tough netting fabric allows ventilation and reduces visibility but DOES NOT protect against UV light it is NOT a ‘Shade’

Travel Bag for the Maclaren Major Elite £44

Maclaren do not make a Travel Bag for the Major Elite and it is too large for ‘universal’ stroller bags. We can supply this heavy duty padded and lined bag. It is generously sized making it easy to pack away the Major Elite and with room for some accessories or other packing.

Large three sided zippered lid for easy access, twin carry handles plus extra end handles.

Size approx.: 118cm (46.5″) x 31cm (12″) x 29cm (11.5″)

Major Elite  : 115cm (45″) x 27cm (10.5″) x 22cm (9″)

Protects your Major Elite from knocks & bumps in transit (especially on airlines) and keeps the footplate with the pushchair…but it does not protect against crushing.

Maclaren Major Elite Footplate £24

Replacement Footplate for the Maclaren Major Elite. Fits both the current and previous models.

There are slots to fit Foot Restraint Straps (available separately) but we recommend that you take professional advice before doing so (it may not always be good for the child)

Interestingly the Major Elite Footplate also fits the Budget XL, Excel Elise and DoAbility Buggy strollers.

Torso Secure

Fits across the torso and under the arms, wrapping around the back of the seat and securing easily with a large velcro pad. Almost impossible for a child to force undone, helpful for the escapologist !

The Torso Secure is a flexible, elastic, breathable neoprene core with comfortable polymide fabric outer. Size and tension are easy to adjust.

The Torso Secure does not replace the built in 5 point harness which should still be used.

Trabasack Lap Desk

The Trabasack creates a versatile desk or ‘tray’ for anyone sitting in a pushchair or wheelchair, providing a valuable space and practical surface for entertainment or work.

The Trabasack is a lap desk and travel bag with a firm flat tray surface on one side to work on, and a bean bag cushion which moulds itself comfortably to the shape of your lap or uneven surface on the other.

The various strap options and numerous attachment points make it ideal for attaching to a pushchair or wheelchair to stop it slipping off your lap or storing away/carrying when not in use.

Supplied with:

2 x Long Straps with quick release buckles, use both as shoulder straps or one as a messenger bag, or one around the waist when sitting

2 x Shorter Straps, use either side to attach to a pushchair or wheelchair frame.

Available in Orange, Red, Blue or Pink.