Ergo Lightweight Accessories

Headrest Extension £39

Adds 20cm (8″) to the height of the back of the seat.
Easy to fit or remove to fold down.

Lambskin Comfort Liner £44

100% Natural Lambskin shorn to an even pile for comfort and ease of use (fewer tangles).

Fits many of our special needs pushchairs

At the top of the Lambskin Comfort Liner are ties enabling it to be secured to the handles on the Ergo Lightweight Pushchair & Wheelchair

Size approx. 40″ x 14″(102cm x 36cm)

Wheely Mac Medium £29

Head to Toe protection from wind and rain.

You can use the sleeves or have the occupants’s arms inside the Wheely Mac.

A drawstring around the hood and velcro cuffs help keep them as cosy as possible.

Wheely Cosy Footmuff Medium £44

Made in two halves the front and back can be used togther or the front removed and the back used as a liner. A quality, industrial strength zipper, secures them together.

Quilted thermal fleece liner with waterproof cover to keep the person warm plus extra hand warmer pockets.

Thre is a zippered front pocket to store a few things in.

Rucksack Storage Bag £34

Specially designed rucksack with additional loops to attach easily to the Ergo Lightweight Pushchair or Wheelchair handles.

Detach using the Quick Release Clips or simply lift over the handles and wear it as a normal rucksack or carry as a bag with the comfortable handle.

Storage space:

Large zippered top opening with two compartments
Large zippered rear opening with internal pocket
Medium zippered rear opening with zippered internal pocket and dividers
Two outer side netting pockets (suitable for flasks or bottles)

The Rucksack has night time safety reflector fabric.

Size approx.: 45cm x 34cm x 25cm (18″ x 13.5 ” x 10″)

Ergo Travel Bag £49

This bag is ideal for travelling with.

It folds into a small package for storage and it has wheels for easy to manage pulling around.

It comes in handy in all types of situations, whether you’re going shopping or taking a trip somewhere.

Protects your Ergo Lighweight Pushchair or Wheelchair from knocks & bumps in transit (especially on airlines) and keeps the footplate with the pushchair…but it does not protect against crushing.

Trabasack Lap Desk

The Trabasack creates a versatile desk or ‘tray’ for anyone sitting in a pushchair or wheelchair, providing a valuable space and practical surface for entertainment or work.

The Trabasack is a lap desk and travel bag with a firm flat tray surface on one side to work on, and a bean bag cushion which moulds itself comfortably to the shape of your lap or uneven surface on the other.

The various strap options and numerous attachment points make it ideal for attaching to a pushchair or wheelchair to stop it slipping off your lap or storing away/carrying when not in use.

Supplied with:

2 x Long Straps with quick release buckles, use both as shoulder straps or one as a messenger bag, or one around the waist when sitting

2 x Shorter Straps, use either side to attach to a pushchair or wheelchair frame.

Available in Orange, Red, Blue or Pink.