Advance Mobility Freedom Accessories

Lambskin Comfort Liner £44

100% Natural Lambskin shorn to an even pile for comfort and ease of use (fewer tangles).

Designed to fit the larger seats on the Independence, Liberty & Baby Jogger Freedom models. It will also fit the Maclaren Major Elite.

It has holes at three levels for the shoulder harness straps.

Size approx. 40″ x 14″(102cm x 36cm)

Pelvic Strap £12

Helps to maintain the occupant’s position at the back of the seat. May help where the occupant is unable to maintain their own seated position.

IMPORTANT – The pelvic strap is designed to supplement the built in 5 point harness it DOES NOT replace the 5 point harness which must be used at all times to secure the occupant.

Travel Bags – Freedom £59

Protects your Freedom pushchair from knocks & bumps in transit (especially on airlines)…but does not protect against crushing. There are specialized storage compartments to store wheels, an adjustable shoulder strap and an additional sturdy carry strap. Made out of a heavy duty nylon cordura type fabric.

The Freedom Travel Bag has luggage type wheels.

We are not currently able to supply Travel Bags for the Independence or Liberty models.

Freedom Roll Cushion £39

Provides some support for the leg and calf areas. May be helpful for an occupant who is less able to maintain their seated position.

Extends the seat depth for the occupant with a longer upper leg.

Freedom Extended Footwell £69

Extended Footwells for the Advance Mobility Freedom special needs pushchair.
Allows the occupant’s feet down either side of the front wheel. Extends the lower leg length by 5″ (12.5 cm).
Has slots for foot straps (supplied separately).

Foot Restraint Straps £10

Optional foot restraint straps which can be fitted   to the Advanced Mobility Independence & Freedom models (not the Spirit or Liberty).
Size: 56cm x 2cm
We recommend that you take professional advice before using foot restraint straps as it may not always be good for the child.

Trabasack Lap Desk

The Trabasack creates a versatile desk or ‘tray’ for anyone sitting in a pushchair or wheelchair, providing a valuable space and practical surface for entertainment or work.

The Trabasack is a lap desk and travel bag with a firm flat tray surface on one side to work on, and a bean bag cushion which moulds itself comfortably to the shape of your lap or uneven surface on the other.

The various strap options and numerous attachment points make it ideal for attaching to a pushchair or wheelchair to stop it slipping off your lap or storing away/carrying when not in use.

Supplied with:

2 x Long Straps with quick release buckles, use both as shoulder straps or one as a messenger bag, or one around the waist when sitting

2 x Shorter Straps, use either side to attach to a pushchair or wheelchair frame.

Available in Orange, Red, Blue or Pink.